The Miracle of You 

Self-Awareness                            Art Enrichment 

Self-Awareness Presentations

Three, 45-60 minute, lively, stand-alone presentations comprise The Miracle of You Series, which are designed for large group programs. Although the three are not sequential, they are adaptable to conferences and weekend retreats. Covering different aspects of life, they affirm and celebrate The Miracle of You. See overviews of all three topics below. 

Art Enrichment Presentations

Certain works of art portray stories that speak  through the ages. Art does have the potential to bring the world timeless messages. Artists dialogue with viewers through their visual creations. Thus, some creations hold the potential to better understand our world, confirm our beliefs, and expand our faith. The primary goal of these Power Point Programs is to assist audiences of any size (4 to 1000) in gaining an understanding of great artists, their works, and the messages they convey 

The Miracle of You 

º  The Miracle That is You This presentation has a positive, up-beat, but highly informative, format. The audience leaves up-lifted and encouraged to live the miracles that they are, while seeing this miraculous planet that we call Earth as a journey filled with wonderment and fascination.  

 º  Enjoy, Cause Joy focuses on not only bringing joy but enjoying life. Selected, true life stories are included to affirm and encourage living with positivity and happiness in your heart. Six suggestions for enjoying life are included in this high powered presentation.

 º  What You Believe looks at how the mind affects the quality of life. Examples of individuals who "beat the odds" with their attitudes and commitments are offered to encourage and motivate listeners. Eight suggestions that could make a difference in your life are offered In this fast-paced presentation. While an emphasis is placed on both believing and determination as pathways toward richer, fuller, healthier living.


Art Enrichment lectures  published as books:

Coming Home-Rembrandt and The Prodigal Son 

The Passion of the Soul-da Vinci and The Last Supper 

Another World-Michelangelo and the Sistine Ceiling

Shining Lights-El Greco's life and art

Let There Be Light-Moses, The National Cathedral, and Lawrence Bradford Saint

Until God Wills-Chagall and Abraham

Transcending Time-Georges de La Tour and Mary Magdalene 

Iconically Speaking-Rublev and The Trinity 

Leaving Legacies-Caravaggio and The Conversion  on the Road to Damascus

A Second Chance-Caravaggio and The Raising of Lazarus 

Look to the Shore-Tintoretto and Christ at the Sea of Galilee

Messengers of Miracles-Michelangelo and The Pieta

Amidst the Stars-Titian and Noli Me Tangere

Present at the Table (not in book form)-Dali and The Eucharist 

Click "Books"  for  details.

Art Enrichment

Andy Warhol

Mathew Brady and Dorthea Lange

3 generations of Wyeth's: Newell, Andrew, and Jamie

Norman Rockwell

Winslow Homer

Edward Hopper

Mary Cassatt

Marc Chagall

Henri Rousseau

Edvard Manet

Claude Monet

Pierre Renoir

Henri de Toulouse-Latrec

Vincent Van Gogh

Paul Cezanne

Edward Degas

Paul Gauguin

Henri Matisse

Grandma Moses 

Georgia O'Keeffe

Grant Wood

Edvard Munch

Charles Demuth

Jan Vermeer

Georges da LaTour

Pablo Picasso

Francisco Goya

Diego Velazquez

The Roots of Impressionism

Russia: Then and Now

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