The Art of God Message

A series exploring the messages of faith sent to us through art.

Divine inspiration comes to mankind in many forms ... one is through the universal language of art. In the selections in this series the images speak for themselves, but without words, rather as the timeless works of divinely inspired men. Each book overviews the life of an artist and studies  one of his outstanding and inspired works. Considerations are offered as to what the messages "say" to humankind. Additional magnificent creations by each artist are included.

Short synopses of each book can be found at Faith PresentationsAll books are available for review and/or purchase at

Coming Home-Rembrandt and The Prodigal Son 

The Passion of the Soul-da Vinci and The Last Supper 

Another World-Michelangelo and the Sistine Ceiling

Shining Lights-El Greco's life and art

Let There Be Light-Moses, The National Cathedral, and Lawrence Bradford Saint

Until God Wills-Chagall and Abraham

Transcending Time-Georges de La Tour and Mary Magdalene 

Iconically Speaking-Rublev and The Trinity 

Leaving Legacies-Caravaggio and The Conversion  on the Road to Damascus

A Second Chance-Caravaggio and The Raising of Lazarus 

Look to the Shore-Tintoretto and Christ at the Sea of Galilee

Messengers of Miracles-Michelangelo and The Pieta

Amidst the Stars-Titian and Noli Me Tangere  

In Praise 

Selections from The Book of Psalms 

depicted in image and word

In Praise is written for the quieter moments. Its format encourages reflection on the positive aspects of living, the celebration of life, and our relationship to our Creator.

Free verse poetry suggests a heightened awareness for enjoying the beauty of this earth. The full color photography mirrors an enthusiasm for the world's majesty. The scripture selections represent commonalities between the Judeo-Christian faiths. The lecture addresses the importance and uplifting benefits of living in praise. Selections from Psalms, original photography, and poetry will be included.

ISBN# 1-4184-9316-3

Other Shores

Life’s Changing Journey

As we journey through life at no time do we have an occasion to remain still. Even at rest our planet hurdles us through space. Each day brings fresh challenges, discoveries, and opportunities. Each experience nudges us toward yet another shore ... emotionally, intellectually, physically, and/or spiritually.

While the book's collection of short stories is specific to individuals, its message is universal and its concepts hold possibilities. Complimenting each story is a black-and-white photograph. This book is also available at Barnes and Noble as a Nookbook.

ISBN# 1-4259-0242-1

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