Faith-based Presentations

"God has truly given you a gift when it comes to art and communication. Paxton has been truly blessed to have had you here for the past five weeks."
S. Rudd
Director of Christian Education
Paxton Presbyterian Church

"Your presentation received rave reviews! Pastor Myrtle McCall said you were very knowledgeable both biblically and in terms of the paintings. Thank you for the work that you do."
K. Wells
Christian Education Director
Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church

"Once again I have received rave reviews from those who attended your presentation. One person summed it up by saying, "Fantastic." All those who talked with me about your class have certainly benefited from your presence with us."
K. L. Kuhn
Director of Christian Education
Camp Hill Presbyterian Church

"Thank you for your wonderful presentations re: The Arts and Lent during the five weeks of Lent. I deeply appreciate what you have done for my church."
Pastor J. Green
Paxton Presbyterian Church

Art Appreciation Presentations

"Wow! Great program and escape for an hour! You gave us many more hours of thoughts and conversations. We learned many new things. Beautifully researched and programmed!"
D.J. Landis
New Cumberland, PA, USA

In Praise Presentations

"Your pictures and verse were moving and the corresponding readings from Psalms were very appropriate. I have received many positive comments. Particularly, I would like to tell you about one woman who had just begun chemotherapy to combat breast cancer. She related to me that she was moved and inspired by your presentation. I am sure that by focusing on praise to our Father for all her blessings, she will be strengthened for her battle. You added so much to our retreat."
B. S. Zink
Congregational Nurse Minister
Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church

"Your talk today was wonderfully inspiring. You had the audience in the palm of your hand. I was so glad I could attend."
J. S. Prescott
Author, Speaker
Pennsylvania, USA

"Our group gained a great deal of food for thought from your program. I would recommend you to any group that is looking for inspiration in a well-structured program."
M. E. Mundorf
Retreat Secretary
Silver Spring Presbyterian Church

  The Pieta by Michelangelo is featured in the lecture: Messengers of Miracles.

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh is highlighted in the lecture about him. 

From In Praise 

"The Ends of the Earth."

Punctuated with a granite out-cropping, the steep, stony path winds upward into a white embossed sky of blue. 
Drawing back, a curtain of trees courteously separates to reveal a prestigious creation. 
The longest-running show in the world ... the infinite, unknown expanse beyond.

From Psalms 48
"Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God
 in His holy mountain. 
Beautiful in the elevation,
 the joy of the whole world ... ."

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