Overview descriptions of the newest offering The Miracle of You presentations are below:


The Miracle of You 

º  The Miracle That is You 

This 45-60 minute presentation flows with an inspiring buoyancy. It encompasses factual information and fascinating stories designed to enlighten, prompt and/or educate.  Audiences leave reminded there is more to life on Earth than what they see with their eyes.As an up-lifting timely topic, The Miracle That is You is best suited for adult groups of any age and from any background. It is guaranteed to leave listeners encouraged to live the miracles that they are, while seeing this miraculous planet that we call Earth as a journey filled with wonderment and fascination.  

 º  Enjoy, Cause Joy  

As a 45-60 minute lecture, this topic brings joy and enjoying life "right to the front door." The actress Audrey Hepburn once reflected, "The most important thing is to enjoy your life." This presentation highly supports her theory. Selected ... some times amusing while other times poignant ... stories are related to attest to living with optimism and happiness in your heart. This high-powered lecture is targeted for adult groups of all ages and backgrounds. Included in this 45-60 minute presentation are suggestions/reminders for getting the most out of life.

 º  What You Believe 

A 45-60 minute program, this lecture explores how human thought processes affect the quality of an individual's life. Related will be stories about people who have succeeded to overcome life altering obstacles by fixing their minds on goals and committing to seeing the goals achieved.  This insightful and encouraging program is designed to motivate listeners to see nothing as impossible ... improbable, maybe, but not impossible. Eight suggestions that could make a difference in life are offered In this fast-paced, 45-60 minute presentation, which emphasizes both believing and determination as pathways toward richer, fuller, healthier living. 

Each 45-60 minute, Art Enrichment Presentation includes a survey of the artist's life and a study of selections of his/her greatest works. The 15 lectures, about which books have been written, will also include a close study of one outstanding work of art and the story-details-symbolism connected to it. 

The series is available for preview and/or purchase at Blurb.com.

Several presentations require more than one lecture. Those include:

º  3-4 lectures: The Passion of the Soul by Leonardo da Vinci  Each disciple is highlighted and his personality and contributions to Christianity and the Group of 12 is discussed.

º  3 lectures: Another World by Michelangelo Buonarroti  Each section of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is studied up close and background on the images, as well as the symbolism that Michelangelo subtly included, is highlighted.  

º  3-4 lectures: The Three Generations of Wyeths covers the life of each man, with comparison studies included in the final session.

º  2 lectures:  Russia, Then and Now covers the history of Russia's rulers and their impacts on the culture and decades in which they lived from the time of Ivan the Terrible to present day. 

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